Yebisu Garden Place

Yebisu Garden Place is a tiny place in the huge capital of Tokyo.
“Oh my god this it is the place in Hana Yori Dango!!” this is the knowledge of every young people who know the drama.
To me it is just a beautiful and a quiet place.

When I was looking around me and avoiding theses girls; I saw an old person who was alone and seemed concentrate to the monument on this site. I still do not why but I was hooked by her. She was so peaceful, happy and sad; I think she was praying.

Most of people were ignoring her, I do not if I was curious or just attractive to this person but I decided to talk to her.
This meeting just changed my life.

We had a great talk, she told me why she came everyday on this place. She didn’t have a computer or internet so to see her friend she came here, but also to remind her some memories through this monument of stone. To thank me to have talking to her she indicated to me a tiny restaurant with a panoramic view and local food (It was in an office building at the 37 floor by lift). It was impossible to find it except if you know about it.
This meeting changed me because just for one moment I came into her life, I understood her lifestyle, her mentality; it was like I knew her forever.

I love this mind state because when you are travelling the most important is to meet local to understand his culture but to share yours too. This link between two strangers who want to learn something about each other is special. Even if it was a long time ago you cannot forget this person with who you shared everything; it is an unbroken link.
I will never forget this old Japanese lady who was so happy to talk to someone; she was inspiriting by her strong and her story. Because of her I decided to write a book of legends, stories told by local people in each country I have visited or I will do.

Will I do the things differently? No, even if it was a bad memory.
Why? Because if we start to think this way “if I could come back” or “if I have changed this, maybe…” we would only live in the past and this is not a life. If you do not like your actual life so change it!
In travel this is the same thing if we started to count the things we do not have done beside the things we have done we cannot live the present moment so we cannot be happy. In this case if I do not talk to her maybe I will not think this way I do not know but it happens. So made your choice with your heart and let happens the unknown, I think it is a better way to travel.

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